Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


The Standards for Excellence Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resource is designed specifically for nonprofits, by nonprofits.  The Standards for Excellence Institute developed and produced the Standards for Excellence:  An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector, with a special section on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  This publication includes a great resource for developing DEI within your organization.  Included in the publication is 3 organization assessment tools.  The publication and the assessment tools are provided below:

Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector

Short Simple Assessment

Streamlined Assessment

Complete Comprehensive Assessment


Additional Resources

Social Justice Glossary 

Racial Equity Tools website Robust Glossary HERE.


10 Steps We Took to Create The Americans for the Arts Statement on Cultural Equity. 

Demos’ Racial Equity Transformation: Key Components, Processes, and Lessons 

Beyond Diversity: A roadmap to building an inclusive organization.

Anti-Racism Resource Guide, by Tasha K

Awake to Woke to Work, from Equity in the Center, includes a glossary, a comprehensive list of resources, and a framework for how to look at the levers that influence and support a nonprofit's race equity culture

Embracing Equity: Race Equity and Inclusion Action Guide from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


Diversity or ally training courses and certificates:
















During the month of August and September of 2020 The Center hosted 3 Zoom sessions on Race, Unconscious Bias, and Inclusion.  Our speaker was Margie Reese of the Wichita Falls Alliance for Art and Culture.  The links to the recordings are listed below.


Session 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf1iqcDL_Fo&t=10s


Session 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jsj2gX6N6Tk&t=2s


Session 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POwWQL73OME&t=11s